Mission Statement

In 2006, Sobers Holdings Incorporated was founded by Daniel Sobers, Sir Garfield’s son, to manage the GarrySobers Barbados brand. The company’s mission is to create a gateway for all things “Garry Sobers” and to make it possible for his admirers to not only learn more, but have greater access to the man himself. Here also, the youth can learn about Sir Garfield and be inspired and assisted to reach their cricketing potential.

What was your greatest inspiration when playing cricket?

Sat, 2012-06-30 15:30

“I think in every young man’s life when he is playing sports, growing up he aspires to achieve lots of things, I think my greatest aspiration at that time was to become good enough to play West Indies Cricket. In my day Cricket was the only sport in the Caribbean that provided an outlet, it offered you opportunities to expand your horizons, travel overseas; where as other sports in the Caribbean didn’t offer that same potential. As a chap that came up from a very humble background, it gave you the opportunity to travel see the world and meet interesting people and for me that was part of why playing for my region was my greatest aspiration. But ultimately being in a position to represent your country, your region and wear the West Indies uniform to play at the highest level against the best players in the world was what truly inspired me to play at my best.”