Mission Statement

In 2006, Sobers Holdings Incorporated was founded by Daniel Sobers, Sir Garfield’s son, to manage the GarrySobers Barbados brand. The company’s mission is to create a gateway for all things “Garry Sobers” and to make it possible for his admirers to not only learn more, but have greater access to the man himself. Here also, the youth can learn about Sir Garfield and be inspired and assisted to reach their cricketing potential.

What do you think of the shortest and newest version of the game, the Twenty20 format?

Sat, 2012-06-30 15:00

“Well, I think the Twenty20 format is a good format, I think it’s the kind of game that we need because there is so much money in the game and Test cricket appears to be losing its appeal, particularly in the West Indies, where no one is turning up to watch the game. The players are being paid such large salaries these days s a result of Twenty20 drawing such large crowds through the turn styles therefore making it a very important format of the game at the present moment. I think the format is good because people seem to really enjoy it very much, however it’s not a game you would be able to develop sound Test players out of, you can’t class it in the same category as Test cricket. It is a game that we need right now; it’s just simply entertainment as far as I am concerned.”