Mission Statement

In 2006, Sobers Holdings Incorporated was founded by Daniel Sobers, Sir Garfield’s son, to manage the GarrySobers Barbados brand. The company’s mission is to create a gateway for all things “Garry Sobers” and to make it possible for his admirers to not only learn more, but have greater access to the man himself. Here also, the youth can learn about Sir Garfield and be inspired and assisted to reach their cricketing potential.


Welcome to garrysobers.com
Here, you will find all there is to know about the greatest all-round cricketer who ever graced the field, his biography, achievements and Legacy. Part of his legacy include an International schoolboys’ cricket tournament and annually held Barbadian golf tournament. You can learn more about his Garry Sobers Golf Championships and The Garfield Sobers International Schools Cricket Tournament here.



During his gilt-edged career as a professional cricketer, Sir Garry was hailed a genius in the field. Combining a unique perceptiveness of the game with a rare generosity of spirit, he not only honed his own style and technique to achieve greatness, but offered insights and wisdom for the advancement of others. As a coach, he took many cricketers from mediocrity to supremacy.